Become a Student Member

Launch your career as a qualified traditional Chinese medicine professional by joining AACMA before you graduate. If you are a student currently enrolled in an Ahpra accredited acupuncture or Chinese medicine course, you’re eligible to join AACMA as a student member for free.

What are the benefits to becoming a student AACMA member?
Receive regular communication about industry developments that will impact on you as a practitioner

Our student members can access a range of benefits and opportunities to learn more about the profession, such as:

  • Fortnightly eNews
  • Bi-Annual Jing-Luo Magazine
  • Provide participants with opportunities to reflect on their practice and development
Free or discounted entry to important industry events
Access to Australia’s only mentoring program for Chinese medicine practitioners

Enhance your personal and professional growth by partnering with an experienced, qualified mentor for personal support and guidance in your final year of study or in your first year after graduation. Find out more about our mentoring program.

Who can become an AACMA student member?

If you are a student currently enrolled in an Ahpra accredited acupuncture or Chinese medicine course, you’re eligible to join AACMA as a student member.

What happens when I graduate?

Fully qualified AACMA members access a broad range of services and support. We offer you expert assistance when you commence as a qualified practitioner, including:

  • Industry-specific information, advice, support and resources
  • Listing with the AACMA Practitioner Referral Service
  • AACMA-branded practice tools, including display materials
  • Access to AACMA’s professional indemnity insurance cover from Guild Insurance

Additionally, we provide ongoing professional support, including:

  • Access to professional development opportunities
  • Advocacy to government bodies and industry organisations
  • Rapid response to negative media, and promotion of positive media
  • Invaluable networking and collaboration opportunities

Existing student members are eligible to receive discounts on professional and promotional expenses, including:

  • No AACMA application fee
  • Discounted first-year qualified membership fee
  • Discounted fees for first-year professional indemnity insurance
  • Discounted member rates for AACMA events

AACMA is offering graduate members a progressive pricing plan to assist with membership payments. For the first 3 years after graduating receive a discounted rate on your AACMA membership.

How to apply

To apply for student membership, please complete our e-form.

More questions?

Email or call 07 3457 1800 if you would like more information about AACMA membership!