Each State and territory has a committee or liaison officer who organise professional development events, networking and social opportunities for members. They are also points of contact for communication between members and the Board.

Australian Capital Territory

Kalon Ientile Chair and Liaison Officer

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New South Wales

Meikin Li Rees Chair
Ying Shu Li Cantwell Deputy Chair and Financial Secretary
Si Ning Luo Deputy Chair and CPD Coordinator
Hoc Ku Huynh Deputy Chair
Tom Paris Secretary
Brittney Cook Assistant Secretary and Assistant Event co-ordinator
Martine Negro Event co-ordinator
Eli Huang Committee Member
Jane Xie Committee Member
Rodd Sanchez Committee Member
Larry Wong Student Representative

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Northern Territory

David Lilliebridge State Liaison Officer
Dione Aland Member

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Bernhard Marzini Chair
Michael Brown Deputy Chair
Darren Gentle Finance Secretary
Alicia Mengshi Ye Minutes Secretary
Waveny Holland Board liaison
Brett Montgomery Member
April Dawson Member
Yufan Zhou Member

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South Australia

Gengchen Bai Chair
Lily Feng Member
Kevin Jingquan Cao Member
Qingguo Li Member
Shuying Ma Member
Zhaoxia Xu Member
Wanli Zhu Member
Zhiqi Yue Member

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Elisabeth Staunton Chair 
Minda (Luzviminda) Agosta Deputy Chair
Michael Warren Financial Secretary/CPD coordinator
Ke Li Member
Christina Yong Member – in charge of catering
Edwin Miao Minute Secretary
Daisy Chai Member
David Lovatt Member
Jessica Strachan Student Representative

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Western Australia

Birgitta Krieger Chair
Rosemary Pinter Vice Chair
Elizabeth Langton Treasurer
Mandy Gratzer Secretary and Board Liaison Officer
Yun Shen Education Liaison Officer
Darryl Mills Student representative
Mattia Bresolin Student representative

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Geraldine Robinson  Liaison Officer
Simone Walker  Member
Andrew Lean  Member


Contact the TAS state committee