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May 4, 2018
Meet Charles Buck, our second international keynote speaker for AACMAC 2019
March 6, 2019

Meet with AACMAC Melbourne 2019 keynote speaker Mazin Al-Khafaji

Mazin is a master herbalist and recognised as one of the leading clinicians and teachers in the field of dermatology and Chinese medicine. Over the past three decades he has taught his successful and innovative approach to clinical practice to thousands of students worldwide.

Mazin will be presenting at the Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference (AACMAC) in Melbourne from 17 to 19 of May 2019 and in much more depth at the post-conference workshop. Practitioners will benefit immeasurably from Mazin expertise in dermatological conditions that are a regular presentation at clinic.

AACMA is very pleased to be able to welcome Mazin Al-Khafaji as the keynote presenter at the conference.

Mazin describes his joy to teach anyone with a passion for Chinese Medicine:

“I love to be able to share the insights I have developed over the years with my students, so they can take away what they learn and apply it in their own practice straight away. The biggest buzz I get is when a student tells me that they have managed to achieve a result in their clinic by successfully applying what I have learned and passed on to them from my observations. It really is one of my greatest privileges and pleasures.”

His teaching is firmly based on his own clinical practice and experiences of over 40 years in the field, and translates straight into his student’s work.

Mazin has treated unusual and difficult diseases with great success for the last 36 years, and has a particular interest in skin, auto-immune & allergic and inflammatory disease. He is also an authority on toxicity of herbs and authentication of herbs.

Mazin started his studies in Chinese medicine and the Chinese language in 1979. He graduated as an acupuncturist in the UK in 1983 and then continued his studies in China where he was awarded the first Sino-British scholarship to study medicine alongside Chinese students. He graduated from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai in 1987 as Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Since his return from China, he has taught his inimitable style and unusual approach to Chinese medicine to a new generation of herbal practitioners worldwide, and he is respected as one of the most inspirational teachers and clinicians of his time.

In 2017 the Chinese government honoured him by the inclusion as the representative for Chinese Medicine in the West within their “一带一路“ Road and Belt Initiative.

Mazin will be speaking on ‘An Introduction to Understanding and Treating Disease of the Skin with Chinese Herbal Medicine’ and ‘The Treatment of Bacterial Infections of the Skin with Chinese Herbal Medicine’ at AACMAC 2019.

Conference delegates can also stand the chance to join Mazin for a more in-depth 2-day workshop after the conference discussing on ‘The Eight Methods for Resolving Heat’. For more details and registration, visit www.aacmac.org.au. Early bird registration is closing on 28 February 2019!