Calling all graduates! Become an AACMA member today! 加入AACMA,启航你的职业生涯
November 23, 2017

A very event-ful year!

AACMA hosted a total of 43 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events in 2018 with different local and international speakers. We have recorded an impressive total of 2 039 people who attended our events across Australia this year.

AACMA would like to thank our members and other attendees for their valued support. Of course , the selfless voluntary actions from our local State Committee Members, and the professional sharing from our valued presenters are also not going unnoticed.

By providing these affordable CPD seminars, workshops as well as the annual international Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference (AACMAC), AACMA is always striving to assist members in improving their clinical practice, developing their business management skills and complying with the current protocols.

If you haven’t been to our events before, we would love to welcome you at the next one! We also value the feedback from those who have attended our previous events. And please help us by spreading the word about what we offer at our events to raise the awareness of the importance of professional training in Chinese Medicine.

More information about what we are planning for the New Year will be communicated to you shortly. Keep an eye on our events calendar as we are continually adding new events.