AJACM 2011 Volume 6 Issue 1

Z Zheng
AJACM 2011;6(1):1
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Acupuncture Education Standards in Australia: A Critical Review
S Janz and J Adams
AJACM 2011;6(1):3-15
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An Examination of Therapeutic Alliance in Chinese Medicine
S Miller and K Greenwood
AJACM 2011;6(1):17-22
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Acupuncture Research Protocol: Feasibility of Use of Acupuncture for Treatment of Arthralgia Secondary to Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy in Women with Early Breast Cancers
B Oh, A McLean, B Kimble and J Beith
AJACM 2011;6(1):23-27
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Interview with Professor Wang Juyi, World-Renowned Acupuncturist: Part 2 of 2
J X Liu
AJACM 2011;6(1):28-31
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Personal Reflections: What Changed for Me After 30 Years in Chinese Medicine
G Neeb, H Brown trans
AJACM 2011;6(1)32-35
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Research Snapshots
J  Shergis and TYA Tan
AJACM 2011;6(1):36-38
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Book Reviews
Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture: Principles and Practice (Feely)
Yun-Fei Lu
Ear Acupuncture: A Precise Pocket Atlas Based on the Works of Nogier/Bahr (Strittmatter)
Caroline Smith
Jing Jin: Acupuncture Treatment of the Muscular System Using the Meridian Sinews (Legge)
Zhen Zheng
The Complete Stems and Branches: Time and Space in Traditional Acupuncture (Golding)
James Flowers
AJACM 2011;6(1):39-43
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