AJACM 2009 Volume 4 Issue 1

Z Zheng
AJACM 2009;4(1):1
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Guest Editorial
Looking Back to Look Forward:  Lessons from Chinese Medicine Registration in Victoria
V Lin
AJACM 2009;4(1):2-5
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Letters to the Editor
J Kremer
AJACM 2009;4(1):6
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Does Acupuncture Improve the Endometrium for Women Undergoing an Embryo Transfer: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial
CA Smith, M Coyle and RJ Norman
AJACM 2009;4(1):7-13
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On the Psychological Significance of Heart Governing Shen Ming
LF Qu and M Garvey
AJACM 2009;4(1):14-22
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Farewell to Chinese Medicine?
The Future of Traditional Chinese Medicine
SF Zhou
AJACM 2009;4(1):23-24
Some thoughts on Medicine as a Science - A Layperson's Contribution to the Controversy Over TCM
B Butcher
AJACM 2009;4(1):25-27
Farewell to Professor Zhang Gongyao's Ideals
B Xu and CH Ju
AJACM 2009;4(1):28-29
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Interview with Professor Zhou Zhongying of NJUTCM, Nanjing, China
MW Zhu and Z Zheng
AJACM 2009;4(1):30-33
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Current Research and Clinical Applications
Response to: Madsen MV, Gøtzsche PC, Hróbjartsson A. Acupuncture Treatment for Pain: Systematic Review of Randomised Clinical Trials with Acupuncture, Placebo acupuncture, and No Acupuncture Groups. BMJ 338:a3115, BMJ 338:a3115, doi:10.1136/bmj.a3115 (Published 27 January 2009)
Z Zheng
AJACM 2009;4(1):34-36
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Book Reviews
Shang Han Lun Explained (Compiled and Translated by Greta Young Jie De and Robin Marchment)
C Zaslawski
Diagnosis Study Guide (Qiao Yi and Al Stone)
C Zaslawski
AJACM 2009;4(1):37-38
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