AJACM 2008 Volume 3 Issue 2

A Journal in the Making: Perspectives from the Editorial Board and Our Readers
Z Zheng
AJACM 2008;3(2):1-4
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Acupuncture in Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal at the Community Residential Withdrawal Unit, Footscray Hospital, Melbourne
D Ryan, M McDonough, C Berryman, D Kotevski and K Jenkin
AJACM 2008;3(2):5-12
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Shenzhi Theory: A Clinical Model of the Mind and Mental Illness in Chinese Medicine
M Garvey and LF Qu
AJACM 2008;3(2):13-17
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Using the Nominal Group Technique to Evaluate a Chinese Medicine Basic Theory Course for Medical Doctors: A Case Study
XL Li, AWH Yang, CCL Xue and QG Wang
AJACM 2008;3(2):18-21
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Acupuncture for the Treatment of Normal Transit Constipation: A Case Report
JZ Kremer and JC Deare
AJACM 2008;3(2):22-27
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Current Research and Clinical Applications
Acupuncture as an Adjunct Treatment at the Time of Embryo Transfer: A Review of the Current Systematic Reviews
CA Smith
AJACM 2008;3(2):28-30
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Research Snapshots
J Deare and C Smith
AJACM 2008;3(2):31-33
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Book Reviews
The Business of Healing (Robert Medhurst)
J Deare
Acupuncture Research: Strategies for Establishing an Evidence Base (Hugh MacPherson, Richard Hammerschlag, George Lewith and Rosa Schnyer, editors)
C Smith
WHO Standard Acupuncture Point Locations in the Western Pacific Region (World Health Organization)
Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine (Wang Ju-Yi and Jason Robertson)
C Zaslawski
Anatomical Illustration of Acupuncture Points (Guo Chang-Qing, Hu Bo and Liu Nai-Gang)
Z Zheng
AJACM 2008;3(2):34-38
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International News
Progress in Clinical Studies on Acupuncture Therapy in China: A Summary of Research in the Last Ten Years
Liu Jun-ling, Wang Jun-ying and Zhu Bing
AJACM 2008;3(2):39-44
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2008 AACMA Research Grants Abstracts
AJACM 2008;3(2):45-51
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Acknowledgment of Peer Reviewers, 2006-2008
AJACM 2008;3(2):52
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