AJACM 2006 Volume 1 Issue 1

Z Zheng
AJACM 2006;1(1):1
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Acupuncture for Migraine: A Systematic Review
SW Scott and JC Deare
AJACM 2006;1(1):3-14
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Ensuring the Safety of Traditional Medicines: Detecting and Reporting Suspected Adverse Effects and Interactions
AJ Smith
AJACM 2006;1(1):15-16
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Questions and Answers: Reporting Adverse Reactions Associated with Chinese Herbal Medicine
Interview with IW Boyd
AJACM 2006;1(1):17-18
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The Use of Evidence in Acupuncture Clinical Practice
JD Ryan
AJACM 2006;1(1):19-23
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Writing Chinese Medicine Case Reports: Guidlines for the Austalian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
P Ferrigno, JD Ryan and JC Deare
AJACM 2006;1(1):25-30
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Oculomotor Palsy Treated with Electroacupuncture: A Case Report
YS Kim
AJACM 2006;1(1):31-33
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Reporting Randomised, Controlled Trials of Herbal Interventions: An Elaborated CONSORT Statement
JJ Gagnier et al. for the CONSORT Group
AJACM 2006;1(1):35-39
Originally published in Annals of Internal Medicine 2006;144(5):364-67. Reprinted with permission.
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Current Research and Clinical Applications
A Clinical Snapshot of Acupuncture and IVF
JC Deare and SW Scott
Neck Pain and Acupuncture
Z Zheng
AJACM 2006;1(1):41-43
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See also 'Corrigenda' in AJACM volume 2 issue 1 (above).

Book Reviews
Foundations for Integrative Musuloskeletal Medicine (Alon Marcus)
A Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth (Tom Bisio)
C Zaslawski
AJACM 2006;1(1):44-45
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