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Accruing CPD Credit Points

Providers of CPD activities

Applying for CPD Credit Points

About the AACMA CPD Policy

AACMA members are expected to complete a minimum of 20 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credit Points each calendar year. This policy is in accordance with the 20 CPD hours required annually for registered Chinese medicine practitioners. One contact/activity hour = 1 CPD credit point.

CPD activities are classified as Formal or Informal. A minimum of 14 formal CPD points is required annually. Go to the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia website (CPD Registration Standard, CPD Guidelines and CPD FAQs) for more information on the definitions of formal and informal CPD.

At least 2 different CPD activities are required if all claimed activities are formal. If the 20 CPD points include informal CPD, then three separate CPD activities are required.

AACMA also expects at least twelve (12) CPD credit points to be obtained in Acupuncture and/or TCM continuing professional education. Up to eight (8) CPD credit points may be obtained in other (non-TCM) health related areas.

Acupuncture/TCM CPD Credit Points may include seminars or other educational activities in AACMA accredited modalities: acupuncture-moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, TCM remedial massage or other TCM/oriental medicine disciplines.

Other CPD Credit Points may be obtained from seminars or other educational activities in one or more health-care related fields,

First Aid training and CPR upgrades are no longer claimable as CPD.

Accruing CPD points

Members are expected to exercise their professional discretion when determining whether to claim CPD points for an activity. It is not necessary to obtain prior approval by AACMA for an activity to be claimable under the CPD policy.

Members seeking further information on the AACMA CPD policy should go to the Members Area of the website.

Providers of CPD activities

Providers of CPD activities who wish to promote CPD points for the events to members must obtain prior approval from AACMA and provide a discount to members.

Applying for CPD Credit Points

Providers of CPD activities seeking CPD Credit Point allocation should use the Online Application Form or, if preferred, may download the Application Form in Word and submit the applicaiton to the AACMA Office and Events Administrator.