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State Committees

Members of AACMA State Committees for 2015/2016

Australian Capital Territory | New South Wales  | Northern Territory | Queensland  |
South Australia  |  Victoria  | Western Australia |

Australian Capital Territory

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New South Wales State Committee
Karen Bilton
Eli Huang
Hoc Ku Huynh
Ying-Shu Li-Cantwell
Si Ning Luo
Tom Parris
Meikin Li Rees

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Northern Territory

Contact the Northern Territory State Liaison Officer

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Queensland State Committee
Michael Brown
Waveny Holland
Brett Montgomery

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South Australian State Committee
Gengchen Bai
Kevin Jingquan Cao
Lily Feng
Qingguo Li
Shuying Ma
Zhaoxia Xu
Wanli Zhu

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Victorian State Committee
Minda Agosta
Ke Li
Michael Warren

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Western Australian State Committee
Elizabeth Langton
Rosemary Pinter
Xiaodong Yu

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