Codes and Policies

The AACMA Board is democratically elected by and from the members in accordance with our Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The current code of ethics is presented as three separate documents :

  • Code of Ethics
  • Code of Conduct and
  • Policy on Reasonably Necessary Treatment- the Peer Review Panel.

The Code of Ethics outlines the profession’s ideals and aspirations and is more prescriptive and consists of a series of statements about professional practice directed at the practitioner. It describes the minimum acceptable standard of professional conduct.

The issue of what constitutes ‘reasonably necessary’ treatment is a matter of concern, not only to patients, but also to third party payers such as health funds and workers compensation bodies. In response to calls for a profession-based response to this issue, AACMA has established a Peer Review Panel to investigate and make determinations on complaints about inappropriate servicing and other matters where treatment that is not reasonably necessary has been alleged.

Click here to download the AACMA Code of Ethics